Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Opinion

Whilst doing business at Spitalfields a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by an artist called Oleg Tolstoy. He was doing a piece called Olympic Opinion - asking people to write their view of the Olympics onto a Polaroid of themselves.
I went to the preview last week and was really impressed. You can read about it in the Standard, or go to the exhibition at the Bermondsey Project yourself.

Just to clarify - I was hoping it would be good for business, but I'm sure it's great for the busses as well.
Fortunately Portobello and Spitalfields over the weekend were buzzing with Olympic visitors gagging for fresh boxers and smart waistcoats. Looks like I got what I hoped for!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden Party and the Game Fair are two big events in Sir Plus' calendar, which unfortunately clash. The dilemma for Sir Plus is that whilst SGP might be funner, exhibiting at the Game Fair makes more commercial sense.

Where are you more likely to sell boxers, waistcoats and flat caps? A country show, or a music festival?

Therefore the space was booked at the Game Fair and the Secret Garden Party was all but forgotten. Then, the GF was cancelled, due to the poor weather conditions and we were offered a place in the Secret Emporium. It was inevitably going to be be a memorable few days, however, we were interested to see how the Sir Plus gear would be received in a retail environment different from any other. 

We're delighted to report a great sales weekend . Flat caps and woollen socks were all the rage in the first couple of days, when the rain was pouring down. Then the sun came out and T-shirts and waistcoats were on. There was a bit of time in the evenings to enjoy the scene, so delight all round...

Big thanks to all who helped out, visited the stall and to our many new customers. 

Now we have the dilemma of deciding what to do next year, fingers crossed the dates won't clash!


Sir Plus

Monday, 9 July 2012

The 2012 (Chap) Olympics

Good fortune was on our side over the weekend, as the rain held off, allowing the 8th Chap Olympiad to take place un-disturbed.

Competitions included Cucumber Sandwich Discus, Umbrella Jousting, Butler Baiting and Not Playing Tennis. All athletes were well trained and the spectators were impressed with the skill and the level of their professionalism.

This was the first year that the event has taken place over two days and this is likely to be a permanent schedule change. The Olympiad is a highlight in Sir Plus' calendar and we thoroughly recommend you attend next year. For more information, visit the Chap Magazine.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Gusset or No Gusset?

Here at Sir Plus, we're committed to making our boxers the best they can possibly be.
That's why we're reviewing our style - to make sure we get the perfect shape.
Although we'd like to think we're pretty knowledgeable in the underwear market, we're calling on your opinion.

Gusset or no gusset, that is the question..

  • The main benefit of a gusset is it acts as a back panel and prevents the seam going down the rear.
  • It creates a roomier effect and is a more traditional cut.
  • The major disadvantage of the gusset, is that they can give the boxer short a rather unflattering appearance. Having 4 panels (like a trouser), enables a snugger fit, which looks slicker.
  • We're not going to get technical on you, but having a gusset makes it nigh on impossible to have the opening down the side leg. This can make the boxer short a bit more restrictive!
The person with the most constructive feedback will receive a pair of boxer shorts - on the house. An appropriate reward, we think!