Friday, 27 May 2011

Sir Plus Website

For the past month I've been working hard with Ian Piper of Serious Mustard to get a decent website together. Anyone who's had a website designed knows that it's not as simple as selling something on ebay.
There's codes that have to be written, symbols that look baffling and words that seem foreign.

It's due to go live on Monday the 30th and we're expecting to be overloaded with traffic as people fight to get their hands on some of Britain's finest underwear!

As always, any feedback is much appreciated......


Sir Plus

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spirit of Summer

A couple of months ago I sent off an application to Spirit of Christmas, a big fair where I intend to take a stall. My thinking was that by the time it came round to Christmas, I would be ready. A couple of days later, I received a call saying that Spirit of Summer was around the corner and would I like to exhibit at that?
I was completely un-prepared, un-sure when my stock would arrive, in-experienced at set up and not 100% sure if I was available.

Obviously, I said yes..

The past week has been spent in Olympia exhibition centre, armed with a thermos and a clan of slackers who'd been encouraged to call in sick to for the benefit of Sir Plus.

The week went brilliantly. Have a look on the Facebook page for some pics.


Sir Plus

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Branching out

The past month has been so action packed that the blog has been neglected.
As there is no-one following yet, I'm sure you'll all forgive me..

The time has been spent testing the boxers at markets across London. Fridays and Sundays I have frequented Spittlefields and on Saturdays a small market in Marylebone called Cabbages and Frocks. Portobello has just approved the products and allocated a stand, all very exciting.

I have already met some wonderful people and picked up a few stories. On the whole market sellers are friendly and everyone is willing to help cover your stall when you nip off to the loo, share tea runs, etc. 

I'm delighted to say that the boxers have gone down extremely well, which is a big relief considering the time that goes into sourcing, matching and monitoring them. I just hope the next range of products are as well received.

On that note, I have just taken delivery of silk polka dot scarves and hanks, enormous bow ties with aeroplane prints, panama hats with paisley silk bands and waistcoats with silk casing on the pockets. They are all very unique and as always, made in England from surplus fabrics.

Do sign up the mailing list and I'll let you know when the products are available online. 

Yours Sincerely,

Sir Plus