Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sir Plus on Holiday

Sir Plus is having a brilliant time on holiday.
Just thought we'd let you know that there's still someone in the office handling dispatches on any orders!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Have a Big Christmas

This Christmas Sir Plus got stuck in to Elf, the best Christmas movie of all time. Here's a taster..

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Dear Readers,

This is Sir Plus' first ever Christmas and we're excited!
Have a great Christmas and New Year,


Sir Plus

Friday, 16 December 2011

Craig Revel Horwood Gives Sir Plus 10 Out of 10

Open this weeks Christmas edition of Heat Magazine to page 100 and you'll find Craig from Strictly Come Dancing fooling around in his Sir Plus gear.

Both the waistcoat and the cravat are Sir Plus' very own. We know, rather festive!
To get your hand on one visit the website:
In order to get delivery by Christmas, we recommend ordering before or on Monday the 19th.

If you're in London give us a call on 07813711441 and we'll work out a way of delivering. Whether it's via pigeon or horse and cart, we will get your order to you..

Alternatively, Sir Plus will be at Spitalfields on Friday 23rd. Not sure exactly where, so follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out.


Sir Plus

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Un-Wrap a Gift

Each day this week, Sir Plus will be adding a different item to the Gift on the home page. All orders will arrive within three working days, giving you plenty of time to put it under the Christmas tree.


Sir Plus

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Here's a picture of the orders we've had this afternoon.
We're going to the post office early tomorrow morning and by Friday they'll be under the Christmas tree. Job done.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Cocktail, Banqueting House

Sir Plus will be at Banqueting House on the 6th of December.
Not only is it in London, but it's also inside.
Huge relief as Sir Plus was starting to get a bit cold doing all those outside markets!


Sir Plus

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Shop, Kensal Rise

Sir Plus is very much looking forward to the weekends festivities.
We'll be showcasing our exceptional attire at the Shop in Kensal Rise.
There's free mulled wine on arrival, see attached invite.

Kind regards,

Sir Plus

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Cabbage Trail

It's often hard to explain exactly what Sir Plus does in words.
One very confused customer inquired if we actually use old vegetables to make our clothes!
To clarify, we thought it'd be worth having a little diagram drawn up. Click on the image and it'll enlarge.

Hope it helps!

Kind regards,

Sir Plus

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Very Busy Week

This past week has been so action packed, we thought we'd share some of our goings on.

Sir Plus, being the laid back chap that he is, occasionally get's his dates in a muddle. That's exactly what happened this week, when a meeting was scheduled with Nick Wheeler (owner and founder of Charles Tyrwhitt) on the same day as a fair at Mayfield School, down in Kent.

We just about managed to be in two places at onece, and both the meeting and the market went extremely well.

It turns out that the Charles Tyrwhitt empire started in the exact same London based factory that Sir Plus has his boxers made. Nick was very enthusiastic about the concept, loved the name and the branding and might even be able to supply us with off-cuts!

The weekend was spent at a friendly fair in Bedfordshire. We met lots of great folk and cool businesses. One of many is a small company called Rubies in the Rubble, which makes Chutneys out of excess fruit and veg from many of London's wholesale markets. Sir Plus and Ruby would make an excellent team, I feel!

Kind regards,

Sir Plus
    Some delighted customers at the Michaelmas Fair in Turvey.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Mayor's Thames Festival

Sir Plus was told that the Mayor’s Thames Festival was a gig we couldn’t miss out on, so we signed ourselves up and off we went.

We were in the “Old Spitalfields Market” section, just underneath Waterloo Bridge and opposite the National Film Theatre. Next to us was John, selling an inspiring range of prints and pictures and on the other side was jewellery school, teaching their trade.

The weather was windy and at some points rainy, but that didn’t ruin the atmosphere on the bank of the Thames. We were delighted we took part and are already signed up for next year. Here’s a sample of one of the pictures. The rest will be up on Facebook soon. 


Sir Plus

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sir Plus and Levi Roots

Last week Levi Roots was hanging around outside his Reggae Reggae sauce van and we got a chance to say hi. He gave Sir Plus some invaluable tips and said he's going to write a tune for us.
Watch this space...


Sir Plus

Friday, 26 August 2011

Portobello Pop Up

Last time we did a pop up on Portobello it was a roaring success, so we're back for more.

Drop in and say hello, it's at 199 Portobello Rd, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Kind regards,

Sir Plus

Thursday, 25 August 2011


A couple of weeks ago a very nice lady on the stall next to me gave me this.
She noticed that I was getting a little frustrated and thought it'd cheer me up, which it did..
By my calculations only 100,000 more pairs of fine underwear to sell. Never say never!


Sir Plus

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gloucestershire Echo

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately the scan of this article is too small to all without a magnifying glass, but we still thought it's worth a look. The picture was taken by Robert Davis and Emily Cleland wrote the article, thanks to both of them and the team at the Echo for letting us post it.
We hope as many of you as possible will come to visit us at the next Well Child fair at Daylesford on the 31st of November.

Kind regards,

Sir Plus

Friday, 12 August 2011

Market Research

Sir Plus borrowed a few pairs of underwear from close acquaintances, in order to decide upon the best shape and patterns. Here's a letter from one such person, which made us smile.


Sir Plus

                                       (Click on image to enlarge)

Monday, 1 August 2011

British Labels

With the festive season fast approaching, Sir Plus had to put in a major label order. Not the most exciting news you might think? Well, we disagree..
On a recent visit to a UKFT business conference in London, Sir Plus was introduced to a certain National Weaving Company. We  have reason to believe that it's one of the few remaining UK based producer of woven labels for the manufacturing industry.
Therefore not only is our fabric sourcing, manufacturing, selling and designing all done in the UK, even our labels are made here.

Keeping it British,

Sir Plus

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Sir Plus received this card from David Gunn and would like to say thanks for making us smile.
Unfortunately our boxers don't yet light up, but we're working on it..

Sunday, 10 July 2011


A couple of months ago Sir Plus was selling at Spitalfields market. A young gentleman walked past who looked like he had taste. "Would you like to see my underwear?" the man was asked.
It turns out that said Gent was the editor of a quirky magazine called Disorder. He liked our boxers so much that not only did he buy some, he decided to do an article on Sir Plus.

A few weeks later a charming young lady called Rebecca Karen Haywood was in touch about meeting to do the feature. We're really excited about the result, which can be seen by clicking the bellow link:

Lots of love,

(A very excited)

Sir Plus

Monday, 27 June 2011

199 Portobello Road

On Sunday Sir Plus was invited to exhibit his exceptional garments at a pop up shop on Portobello Road. There was a variety of great brands at the party, including Beautiful Bottoms, Austique, Sexy Pants and Naughty Knickers and Rafique (whose gig it was).

The event was a huge success and we're extremely grateful to those that put it on and to Alex who purchased half a dozen pairs. An attempt was made at taking a photo, but inside was so rammed it wasn't  possible.

Next fair is for Shipston Home Nursing on Tuesday and it's out in the sticks. It's the first non London exhibition for quite a while, so it'll be grand to get some fresh air and enjoy the greenery. Sir Plus will be back in London for Friday and most probably at Portobello. Check Facebook or Twitter for confirmation.

Kind Regards,

Sir Plus

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sir Plus and Mr T (shirt)

Sir Plus had been trying to find a UK based supplier of T-shirts for a long while now and was starting to give up hope. However, just the other day he got a tip off that there might be someone that has the right machines and wants to go into business with him.

They met and they got on well, so fingers crossed you're going to be seeing some Sir Plus T-shirts very soon. As with all of our clothes, it goes without saying that this T will be original, excellent quality but how are we going to in-corporate an element of up-cycled fabric into them?

Just you wait and see...

Friday, 17 June 2011

Photo-Shoot, The Big Day

On Wednesday of this week Sir Plus had his first photo shoot. Big deal.
The first venue was an old pub in the Holborn called The Citttie of York, which allegedly (perhaps unbelievably) dates back to 1430. The interior is lined with old oak barrels and a sign above the bar boasts that the beer is brewed in 'Yorkshire's Oldest Brewery'. Huge appreciation to the tolerant landlord for letting it go ahead.

The photographers were two extremely talented young ladies called Vic and Soph, old acquaintances of Sir Plus. They came with lighting, cameras and two stunning models called Kensey and Ed. I was the chauffeur and provided the picnic.

One of the most popular products in the Sir Plus range is the bow tie. It was this item that the photo-shoot was going to emphasise and really do justice. Only spanner in the works was that nobody present was able to tie a bow tie. Oh dear.

Luckily, the location of the pub (London City), meant that there were plenty of kind gentleman willing to lend a hand and tie the knot. The second venue was St James Park, where we struggled to find a solution to this problem. (Not enough suits present). By the time we found a kind Sir to help us out, the light was fading and we were nearly caught short.

Fortunately some great shots were taken, which will be available for all to see very soon. Here's a sneaky shot of the chap who helped us out in the park. (a la iPhone)

Yours Ever,

Sir Plus

Monday, 13 June 2011

Photo-Shoot Prep

Ladies and Gentleman,

Tomorrow is the date for the first Sir Plus photo-shoot and I'm dead excited.
Whilst browsing the internet for inspiration, I found this shot. I think it's brilliant and I've sent it to our photographers and to show them how I want the clothes portrayed.

It was on the Satorialist blog, well worth a look (

Sir Plus

Friday, 10 June 2011

Sir Plus: The Name

Sir Plus had been trading for a good few months now and it's time to reflect.
The choice of name for any start up company is always a big deal and you're forever questioning if its right. First name we came up with was R. Suggers (thanks to Uncle Jim for that one). However, it was decided that once we branched out from boxers (hadn't expected to do so so soon), R. Suggers would seem a bit irrelevant.

Sir Plus came like a flash during a day dream and I was pretty happy with it. It sums up what the company does brilliantly and demonstrates a bit of the character of the clothes, as well as whom they target. Only problem is, are people going to think it's for over-sized people???

Well, it's certainly come up a number of times, but not enough to be a real issue. Besides, I accidentally ordered too many X-large boxers, so bring on the big boys!


Sir Plus

Friday, 27 May 2011

Sir Plus Website

For the past month I've been working hard with Ian Piper of Serious Mustard to get a decent website together. Anyone who's had a website designed knows that it's not as simple as selling something on ebay.
There's codes that have to be written, symbols that look baffling and words that seem foreign.

It's due to go live on Monday the 30th and we're expecting to be overloaded with traffic as people fight to get their hands on some of Britain's finest underwear!

As always, any feedback is much appreciated......


Sir Plus

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spirit of Summer

A couple of months ago I sent off an application to Spirit of Christmas, a big fair where I intend to take a stall. My thinking was that by the time it came round to Christmas, I would be ready. A couple of days later, I received a call saying that Spirit of Summer was around the corner and would I like to exhibit at that?
I was completely un-prepared, un-sure when my stock would arrive, in-experienced at set up and not 100% sure if I was available.

Obviously, I said yes..

The past week has been spent in Olympia exhibition centre, armed with a thermos and a clan of slackers who'd been encouraged to call in sick to for the benefit of Sir Plus.

The week went brilliantly. Have a look on the Facebook page for some pics.


Sir Plus

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Branching out

The past month has been so action packed that the blog has been neglected.
As there is no-one following yet, I'm sure you'll all forgive me..

The time has been spent testing the boxers at markets across London. Fridays and Sundays I have frequented Spittlefields and on Saturdays a small market in Marylebone called Cabbages and Frocks. Portobello has just approved the products and allocated a stand, all very exciting.

I have already met some wonderful people and picked up a few stories. On the whole market sellers are friendly and everyone is willing to help cover your stall when you nip off to the loo, share tea runs, etc. 

I'm delighted to say that the boxers have gone down extremely well, which is a big relief considering the time that goes into sourcing, matching and monitoring them. I just hope the next range of products are as well received.

On that note, I have just taken delivery of silk polka dot scarves and hanks, enormous bow ties with aeroplane prints, panama hats with paisley silk bands and waistcoats with silk casing on the pockets. They are all very unique and as always, made in England from surplus fabrics.

Do sign up the mailing list and I'll let you know when the products are available online. 

Yours Sincerely,

Sir Plus

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The hunt for fabric

Time for an update on where we are with the boxers and hats. The news is good!

After rigorous sourcing ranging from the manicured shops in Jermyn Street to small warehouses in Bolton, I have eventually accumulated enough fabric. 

In the meantime, I have searched high and low to find a manufacturer IN ENGLAND who can do the make up of the garment to my high standards. Rest assured, this is no easy task.

I am currently awaiting my first samples, fingers crossed I'll have some boxers and hats for you soon!


Sir Plus

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sir Plus

Dear All,

As this my my first blog, I'm a bit of a novice. I'm going to give you a quick head up about what Sir Plus is and how it came about.

Sir Plus is a brand which uses excess fabrics and off-cuts to make traditional garments, with a twist. All our manufacturing is done to exceptionally high standards, in the UK, using fabric that have been sustainably sourced.

To start with I'll be selling boxers made from surplus shirting and silk tie fabric. Come back soon and see how I'm getting along.

Yours Sincerely,

Sir Plus